Born into a large family, Bill Bywater learned early on that he could set himself apart by honing his skills in carpentry and fine arts. Over the past 30 years, Bill carved, drew and sculpted his way into a variety of projects, from art shows to live productions – and everything in between. His vision and creativity have led to beautifully designed sets, custom concrete sculptures, ice carving masterpieces and – most recently - unbelievable jack o’lantern displays. His eye for detail and ability to see a final product even before the first cut has put The Glow in a class of its own. In addition, Bill also helps recruit and train the artists that produce our intricate over-sized jacks, while illustrating and carving a few of his own. Bill pushes the boundaries of what is possible with a little innovation and a lot of elbow grease, just ask Jack and his glowing skeleton band!

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DKP Core Team Members
(New York)

Our team is comprised of dozens of artists, carpenters, stagehands, sound techs and producers spanning across the United States. We employ only the best and brightest crew members to ensure a seamless operation of each event - no matter the location or scope of work. 

Current openings
We are currently accepting applications for carpenters, artists, and production managers. For more information or to submit a resume, please contact us

DEBBI KATZ, Owner | Executive Producer

Debbi Katz is an accomplished Executive Director/Producer working in the for-profit and nonprofit industries. Her knowledgeable production experience relating to large events, covers productions at Madison Square Garden as well as highly successful pumpkin extravaganzas. Debbi knows how to build all-star teams that include some of the best Broadway actors, musicians, technical and production crew members. She designs and manages impactful, efficient productions with proven revenue expansions of 200-300%, by using ongoing market analysis to capitalize on new and emerging trends. As a catalyst for new program development, Debbi can often be found creating cutting edge entertainment. Debbi has built trusted relationships with top Broadway Producers who endorse her successful strategies for increased return on investments.

As a Director/Producer, Debbi has directed key functional areas including sales, marketing, public relations, social media, finance/budgets, human resources, vendor management, program development, strategic planning, and client relationship management. Her wealth of production experience and ease of creating strategic solutions are evident in Debbi’s motivational style.

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The Debbi Katz Productions Team

PHIL ALFIERI, Technical Director

Phil is a member of the International alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (I.A.T.S.E.) and has worked on all types of events including the Inauguration of the President of the United States, television programs, arena concerts, movie openings, political and charitable events, Fortune 500 company meetings and corporate product launches. Due to his well known work history, Phil is also the president of the technical production company, Designatronix Industries. Phil has a special expertise needed to deal with public events that are high profile. His company has the certified skills, personnel, and equipment to uniquely deal with a variety of events and productions. Phil provides audio engineers who maintain the audio system for the City Parks Foundation's "Summerstage Concert series in Central Park" for the past seven years as well as the ABC "Good Morning America Summer Concert Series" for the past four years.

Credits Include:  Armani VH-1 fashion Show; Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown’s Wedding; Dream Halloween Pediatric Aids Event; Port Washington Harbor Fest; Post Grammy Party At MOMA; Time Magazine’s 75th Anniversary Gala at the Radio City Music Hall; Costume Ball At the Metropolitan Museum of Art

ALEX WER, THE PUMPKIN GEEK (click for more info)



Event Staff

MATTHEW PELZER, Director Of Operations

Matthew Pelzer has always pursued a creative lifestyle, beginning with architectural design and drafting, which lead to a graphic design degree from Southern CT State University. Matt has had his hands in building and designing environments for over 20 years.  Prior to The Glow, Matt oversaw set design and story/cast development for The Haunted Mansion in Poughkeepsie, NY, while also building set pieces for Imaginart Studios, as well as set design and special effects for various film projects. Today, Matt enjoys the challenge of bringing his most creative ideas to life, preserving the magic of Halloween and creating an unforgettable experience. We encourage each of our artists to take a special interest in one area of the trail – giving them plenty of room to flex their creative muscles. To see what made Matt tick this year, be sure to check out our Pirate Ship, The Revenge, and the floating skeleton heads in our finale area.

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