Check out the team hard at work building THE GLOW in the shop.

Enter into a world where thousands of illuminated, hand carved jack o’ lanterns live amidst the sounds of music and the smell of hot apple cider. You are about to experience THE GLOW.  On a quarter-mile trail, flanked by beautifully lit lanterns, guests stroll safely through a virtual pumpkin wonderland. THE GLOW creates a family friendly experience where guests come face to face with the 3 little pigs, stare up at a life size pirate ship  or a twenty-foot tall carnival, marvel over hand carved portraits of Indiana Jones and Captain Jack Sparrow, and jam with our very own skeleton band.  Our expert production team brings together a wide variety of pumpkin scenes, from artistically detailed single pumpkin carvings to amazing, larger than life structures.  Our team transforms your favorite movies, iconic figures, animals, and beloved stories into unforgettable jack o' lantern scenes that captivate audiences of all ages. THE GLOW is an enchanting and unforgettable experience, which guests are sure to make an annual event each and every Halloween season.